The place where great books begin and creativity flows. HG stands for “Home-Grown,” which means the creativity, the inspiration, story ideas, characters, and themes with all of its details come forth right here at my desk in my little home office, where all the magic and intensity of writing, creating and producing happens. When you pick up an HG book, you know you are getting something worthwhile because I put my heart, soul,¬†and spirit into it.

Homegrown books & Winona Rasheed go hand in hand. Loving what I do because I love bringing great reads to readers of all ages. Check out the titles, I am sure you will find something that will catch your eye for yourself, and for the youngsters and teens in your life.

We at HG books, love it when you stop by. We hope you find it cozy, entertaining and interesting. If you find something you like, just hurry on over to Amazon and do your thang…click the buy button in either a paperback or an ebook. You will be glad you did!

The Paperbacks Video……It’s pretty darn cool!

homegrown green birdhouse with blue bird and ladybugs.png


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