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What are the details of the books mentioned on this site? Here’s a little taste of what’s behind the pages of the books that you select for your child’s reading pleasure.

secrets-in-somerset-kindle Secrets, secrets everywhere and they are hard to keep, especially when the Dodson twins have something to hide.


kirby-kindle-2 Oh my goodness, the kitten is missing! It’s nowhere to be found. This is the case with “Where is Kirby”, a little book depicting the importance of taking care of pets, because it is a huge responsibility. If you don’t, they might run away. In this book, a lost cat causes conflict between siblings and threatens the weekend plans of a boy name Caleb. You will never believe where the cat is found and who rescues it.

soda-pop-live-at-the-kindle-store In “The Magic of Soda Pop,” 8th grade student, Nathan Ali Turner is not very popular among his peers because he appears to be a nerd, a misfit because of how he dresses and where he lives. He and Reggie Jenkins do not get along because in Nathan’s eyes, Reggie is a bully, always causing trouble. They fight and bicker like dogs at a dog fight as they try to stand their grounds and be who they are….until, one has a change of heart because of a horse named Soda Pop, proving that animals do change hearts and attitudes.

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!  Ella Rose Abbott appears to be normal, that is until she tries to communicate. And then she wants to hide.  Broken Voices takes you inside the world of “silence” as seen through the eyes of young Ella, a teenager struggling to belong in a hearing world.  Book #1- A novel for young adults.

When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage Ella Rose Abbott returns in book #2, “When Silence is Not Golden.” It’s two years later and Ella still struggles with being hearing impaired as she faces new challenges. Her long time enemy is still wrecking havoc in her life and threatens her plans for the prom. Jealousy, envy and pride surrounds the pages of this book. Book #2 of the Ella Rose Saga-a novel for young adults

frankly speaking kindle  Frankly Speaking tells about the journey of a passionate writer, taking a look at how it all began in the creative life of author Winona Rasheed. This is a book full of inspiration for new writers and anyone else who may needs a little motivation to follow your heart and dreams. A book for young adults.

Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle Summer fun, that’s what it is all about in this little book for young readers. Join Nyrobi as she spends her days in the sun and learning new things, meeting new friends and facing new challenges. Splashing around in a back yard pool is one thing, but when it comes to a big public pool, Nyrobi’s heart skips a beat and fear sets in when she experiences “Too Much Water.”

Itchy Scratchy Spots 2 Itchy Scratchy Spots is an illustrated book for young readers. It deals with sibling rivalry, the bumpy relations ship between brothers and sisters as they live under the same roof; ruffling one another’s feathers when they face a childhood disease – the Chicken Pox. This book will make you giggle as you turn the pages.

my-happy-new-home-kindle-thumbnailMy Happy New Home is an illustrated book for young readers. Meet Tippy-Toes, the adopted kitty. In this short story, she tells her story her way of what it was like, showing her struggles and pain of losing her old family and going to a new house; facing her fears of possibly becoming an old alley cat. This book advocates pet adoption.

OMG Books in frames 3 books called the OMG! Collection of Short stories. Each one has from 3-5 short stories for young readers. Titles Sold separately. Each books is full of fantasy and lots of imagination. OMG! Ragdoll Talez, OMG! More Readz for Me, OMG! Talez with Tailz….fun reads that take boredom away, a story for everyday.

race-is-on-kindle-2 In The Race is On!, Charley has an auto shop. Here he works on his prize racing cars keeping them in shape for the big race. A big race is coming up, but there is no time to make all the repairs to all the racing cars that want to run in the race. You will never guess what comes to the rescue and how they survived the big storm that messed up the racing track.

Kumani print cover for amazon  KUMANI, A book for mid-grade readers. In this tale, Kumani is not your ordinary lion. She has big dreams and knows what she wants. In her eyes, she is regal; therefore wishes to be treated as such. But, since she is a female lion, it is her responsibility to hunt for food. She hates that because she wants to be treated like a queen. This doesn’t happen in the wilderness of Africa; so Kumani set out to find that perfect place to raise her cubs. But, her travels prove to be dangerous and risky as she makes her escape.

along-came-jelly-beanz-kindle The imagination can take you on a sensational journey, turning a gloomy day into one that will brighten the spirit and let it fly. This is the case with Along Came Jelly-Beanz. In this little book, Lizzie has adopted an imaginary friend who comes to her rescue when her best friend moves away. However, Jelly-Beanz turns out to be more trouble than he is worth. It’s hard for Lizzie to convince her mother that she is not doing all these mischievous things that gets her in trouble…it’s Jelly-Beanz! Can you believe it?

spring-where-are-you-live-at-the-kindle-store The mystery of spring can be overwhelming from the viewpoint of a child, especially when adults use expressions that are confusing. In the book, SPRING, WHERE ARE YOU?, this is the case with young Gracie as she sets out to find spring. After all, her parents keep saying it’s on the way. But Gracie doesn’t know what she is looking for, which causes her imagination to go wild as she prepares for the arrival of spring in her neighborhood.


Wohali ebook coverIn this book, Wohali and the Little People, you will learn all about the traditions and beliefs of the Cherokee Indian as seen through 10-year-old Wohali’s eyes when he goes to school for the first time after being taught from home. He is afraid of losing his identity, giving up his heritage and maintaining his sense of Cherokee pride. But, as the story shows, things are not always what they seem when we anticipate a new journey that looks dreadful.



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