As you can see, I am making changes around here, updating my website information and letting readers know that I not only have books for kids and teens; I ventured out and created two novels for adults too. Just letting my creativity spread its wings. All because I love what I do. I hope you can tell it in the books that I create. You just might want to check these titles out on Amazon, if you are looking for something that you can read. Available in print and Kindle versions.

This is a book series, “The Ladies of Magnolia”. A lot of drama and discovery unfold within the pages of these two books, especially after secrets are revealed after a night of too much drinking amongst ladies who are trying to reconnect when they come together for a girlfriend reunion.  Follow the characters: Mallory, Kizzy, Cecily and Simone through book 1- Trouble Waters and Book-2 Peace, Be Still. These ladies prove to be something to have to reckon with.  Want a copy? Just follow the link.

Troubled Waters Ebook    TW ebook

Peace, Be Still Ebook                 amazon-kindle-peace-be-still-live-and-published



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