Now how cool is this, Author Winona Rasheed has created two novels for young adult reading? Follow the saga of Ella Rose Abbott in these two books. Ella Rose is not your typical teenager. She has her flaws and one of her issues deal with being hearing impaired. How does she make it through high school with this secret? Well, you just have to read the books to find out.  Print and Ebook versions are available.

You can purchase the copies here:  The links will take you there.

Broken Voices E-book     broken-voices-kindle

When Silence is Not Golden Ebook     Silence not golden ebook cover

A Book of inspiration: Frankly Speaking is written from the viewpoint of the author, Winona Rasheed as she tells you her journey of becoming a writer/author and publisher. “Always follow your dreams.”   Frankly Speaking B&N

Frankly Speaking Ebook cover e7180dec-5160-4470-a0c1-1241e7f7e60e

Frankly Speaking

Keep an eye on this page because I am sure you will see more titles in the near future.


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