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Books that will keep you turning the pages and wanting more, so I the author, have given the readers more by keeping the storyline going in Books 1& 2  of the “Ladies of Magnolia series” Which only means that I love what I do! You can purchase your copy of these books at any major online line bookstore, for instance, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Troubled Waters print version released on Amazon  Buy Book Here  Amazon

Troubled Waters kindle edition releasedBuy the Kindle Version here


peace-be-still-print-book-on-amazon Buy Now Paperback Version

amazon-kindle-peace-be-still-live-and-published Buy the Kindle Version here

Roses from Winona

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New Line Press

Roses from Winona!

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NLP Quickie Meet and Greet

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New Line Press

New Line Press team mascot Roberta, your go-to person for all things NLP Meet NLP authors

cb-banner-redHead Cheerleader: Catherine Burr
Catherine started NLP in 2004 as a print publisher before blazing into the digital future in 2008. Catherine is the Managing Director of NLP. She is also the author of the Silicon Valley Secrets novels, co-author of a spy novel, and author of the Shadow Cat Series. Learn more!

winona-rasheed-broken-voicesChildren’s/YA Voice: Winona Rasheed
Winona is the author of 10 books, including the bestselling YA novel, Broken Voices. She is very creative and you’ll want to follow her on Facebook!


For those who like to read steamy ebooks late into the night, might we suggest our Lust at First Sight series by Penelope Rivers, and the City Girl Series by CJ Starr.

Penelope RiversLust at First Sight: Penelope Rivers
Penelope is the bestselling author of the popular Lust at First Sight Series. She is a prolific writer with many bestsellers for you to savor. Read…

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Independent:Loving what I Do!

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I was just sitting here thinking to myself and thought it might be a good idea to share my morning thoughts with you.

Did you know that everyone has a talent that God has blessed them with? Sometimes, it takes a while to figure out what that talent is, especially if you have to search for it.

However, I do believe that one’s God gifted talent begins to show it’s head, or pop up when you are very young. But, you do have to be very observant of it. The talent that God blessed me with was my writing, which started at a very young age. I always loved writing short stories.  The thing about it was….I didn’t know what to do with my stories after I had written them. I didn’t know anything about publishing or how to get published. All of this started like I said…a long time ago. I was in the 7th or 8th grade. But still, I held on to that dream until the opportunity came about and a door opened up for me in the way of continued education in the literary field of writing for children and teens. Lo and behold, I learned so much more, especially the ins and outs and all of the how to’s and then I ran with it and experienced being a writer/author, the highs and the lows of it all. And to this day, the things that I’ve learned and experienced, let me say…..I wouldn’t change a thing, not even the rejection letters from the submissions that I sent into brick and mortar publishing houses.

All I can say is…from those days of long ago, I’ve come a long way baby!  And guess what, I’ve met and dealt with a lot of amazing people/ writers and publishers. My foot was in the door and my name finally on book covers that had titles and sitting on the shelves of online bookstores. Trust me when I say….It was worth the wait because I am loving what I do as an independent writer/publisher of my “stuff”. Many thanks to my publisher/mentor friend from New Line Press who taught me even more than the writing course years before. I will always acknowledge Catherine Burr’s input and confidence in me as a writer/author and publisher. She gave me the experience and as they say, experience is the best teacher, hands on experience. It is because of her that I am what I am today….an independent publisher, doing my own “thang” with my books that are on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. I know how to do it, so I am now doing it for myself as I continue to write for children and teens and now adult books too. Hey, this is a new revolution in the literary world, and I am glad to be a part of it.

Look for me and my titles on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. You will be glad you did.


Redd is in the House

Hey, guess who got a new cell phone upgrade for Mother’s Day last month. Oh yes, that would be me. And guess what, I like my Apple SE phone very much. I can do so much more on it than what I could on my old phone. I couldn’t even download games on it because […]

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Ebook Cover Update

Saving BlueberryThings have been poppin around here with HG books. My latest book for young readers has a new cover, which I think it is better because I like how my name is displayed, big and bold because I think that is just as important as the title itself.  So this is the Kindle Ebook cover.

And this is the Paperback Cover Saving Bluebrry print book edition

This short story, by the way, is based on a true story. The inspiration came, and I developed the story in just a few days. So, I hope you enjoy this great read.

Where can you pick up a copy? From of course. 🙂


Contest Entry

Hey, guess what….I did it today….I entered a children’s book cover contest. I’ve never ever entered a contest before, so this should be interesting. I am keeping my fingers crossed and walking around on pins and needles.

I have so many books, it was hard to choose one because I couldn’t make up my mind. Hey, I happen to love all of my book covers because they are a part of me. But, I finally made a decision after two days of pondering it over.

e759fab1-8e16-4600-bd38-16f3a0da5bfd So, stay tuned for this little adventure that I am on and wish me luck. cropped-id-100269265-silouette-of-girl-working-at-desk.jpg

Doing a Happy Dance Over Here!

Live, Live, Live!!! Just what I’ve been waiting on…..the release of my new children’s book. Are you ready for the big reveal?

Available @

Two versions: paperback and Kindle

I Just love the little story inside the pages of this book.

Buy, read and leave a review for others.


I can’t wait to show you what is brewing on HG books. I am sitting here twiddling my fingers in anticipation and trying to find something to get into while I wait for everything to go “LIVE”.  I tell you, this is like waiting for a baby to be born. “Come on now, I’m ready for you! Let’s get this thing on the road!” I can’t move forward until it is breathing! LOL